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Defendant J.K. possessed a Permit to Carry a Firearm. Defendant’s ex-girlfriend filed a P.F.A. against Defendant. Defendant’s Permit was revoked as a result of the P.F.A.

Defendant was a passenger in a vehicle when, for unrelated reasons, the vehicle was stopped in Allegheny County by Pittsburgh Police. Police asked all occupants of the vehicle if any of the occupants was in possession of a weapon. Defendant answered honestly that, yes, he was in possession of a pistol or handgun, but that he also possessed a Permit to Carry that firearm. After checking the validity of Defendant’s Permit, Police discovered that Defendant’s Permit had been revoked as a result of the P.F.A. Defendant claimed that he was totally unaware of this Permit revocation.

Defendant was charged with the crime of violation of the Uniform Firearms Act (V.U.F.A.), Felony Carrying a Firearm without a License. A trial was held before Hon. Anthony Mariani, and Attorney Paletta presented that defense that the prosecutor could not prove when and how Defendant received the required legal notification that his Permit to Carry was revoked. The Court agreed that the prosecuting attorney was not able to prove that legal notice of the alleged revocation was provided to Defendant, and entered a verdict of Not Guilty.

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