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Dealing With Prosecutors: Pennsylvania Board of Medicine

If you are a licensed medical professional such as a Doctor or Nurse and you are facing a license prosecution, a lawyer from the Pennsylvania Department of State, Office of General Counsel has been assigned to prosecute your case at a hearing in Harrisburg before your particular licensing board.  For example, if you are a Doctor or Physician Assistant facing license prosecution, a prosecutor will be assigned to present (or prosecute) the case against you to the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine; if you are a Nurse, this lawyer will present your case before the Board of Nursing.

If you find yourself in this precarious situation, it is wise to hire a lawyer whose duty it is to represent your interests in these proceedings.  Did you know that alternatives exist besides appearing before your licensing board in Harrisburg?  Frequently, a negotiated settlement to the prosecution can be concluded.  This negotiated settlement is called a “Consent Agreement” which can reduce or eliminate penalties including fines and license suspension.

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