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If I am convicted of DUI in a different county than where I live, can I get House Arrest at my house?

DUI in a different countyThis is Attorney Joseph Paletta and I practice criminal and DUI defense in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties.  Recently I have defended clients who have been arrested and prosecuted for DUI in counties different than where they live.  Specifically, I have represented a client who resides in Allegheny County and was prosecuted for DUI in Butler County.  A second client resides in Westmoreland County and was prosecuted for DUI in Somerset County.  In both prosecutions, it was the objective of both clients to serve the confinement portion of their respective sentences in the comfort and security of their own home on house arrest, a somewhat extraordinary resolution.

Although the Prosecuting Attorney cannot and will not offer a Plea Bargain to this out-of-county house arrest, a key to success in achieving this sentence is to convince the Prosecuting Attorney to state on the record that they do not object to the Judge imposing this sentence.

In both cases, both Prosecuting Attorneys stated on the record that they did not object to my request for house arrest, and both Judges imposed a sentence which permitted house arrest (or “Home Electronic Monitoring”) in a different county.  And in both cases, needless to say, both clients were happy and satisfied with the outcome.

If you are facing a similar situation, feel free to discuss it with me.  Perhaps a solution can be found for your legal problem.

Joseph A. Paletta, Esq.

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