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“Knowledge Is Power”: Know The Tendencies Of The Judge

In every criminal prosecution, Attorney and Client make many critical decisions together.  Do you Plea Bargain or go to trial?  If trial, do you proceed Jury or Non-Jury?  Although these decisions are made together, you as the Client depend on more than just the academic knowledge of your lawyer; you also depend on your lawyer’s familiarity with the system, including the tendencies of the Judge.

For example, if you are charged with DUI, you as the Client will want to know if the Judge will normally impose a House Arrest sentence, or will your circumstances “disqualify” you from House Arrest in the eyes of the Judge.  Or will your Judge permit House Arrest if you reside in a county different from the county of prosecution?  (See my other blog on this specific topic.)  Also, if you need a postponement of your DUI trial to keep your driver’s license as long as possible, you need to know if your Judge requires advance postponement requests and if your Judge grants those requests rarely.

This is Attorney Joseph Paletta, and I have been practicing DUI and criminal defense law for over 25 years in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties.  I have the experience to be able to answer questions such as these, experience which can be used to your benefit.  Call me at 412-391-7999 to discuss your case.  Let me be “The Solution to your DUI Problem.”

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