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Nurse Arrested For D.U.I., and Nursing License Consequences

Good people can make bad decisions.  If you are Nurse and a bad decision resulted in an arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of Alcohol or Controlled Substances, you need knowledgeable and experienced guidance for defense of the DUI and for the Board of Nursing Investigation which commonly follows. First, a Registered Nurse (RN) must report the filing of a criminal prosecution (which includes DUI) on their biennial renewal.  In addition, the law requires that a RN notify the Board of Nursing of the filing of criminal charges within 30 days.  (49 PA. Code Chapter 21, Section 21.29a)

I have had numerous recent experiences where Nurses charged with DUI have contacted me because they hired a DUI defense attorney with no knowledge of the Nursing Board implications of that arrest.  Some of those Nurses decided to retain my services in addition to the legal services of their DUI defense attorney to assure that the DUI would not derail their Nursing career.

If you are a Nurse in a similar situation, save yourself time, effort and money by hiring a single attorney who has knowledge and experience in both DUI defense and Nursing License defense.  Contact me online at or via email at or by calling 4123917999 for further information. 

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