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Q: Should I plead not guilty or guilty to a underage drinking charge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Underage Drinking Charge: In response to this question, the clear answer is to enter a plea of “Not Guilty” and request a hearing. The rule I follow is that when you are uncertain of what choice to make, make the choice that leaves you with the most options. 
Pleading “Guilty” leaves no options; you have admitted to committing the crime, and you simply receive the standard penalty.  Pleading “Not Guilty” provides options such as the opportunity to negotiate at the hearing with the police officer or District Attorney to a lesser penalty, or even a lesser charge which does not require a driver’s license suspension.  I have even negotiated a complete withdrawal of these charges for community service and an alcohol education class.
Keep in mind that to get what you want, hire a lawyer early in the process who knows how to achieve your goals. 
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