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On October 19, 2019, a very interesting news article appeared in the newspaper, Daily Star. This article was entitled “Robot Judges ‘Will Pass Sentence with no Human Bias’ in A.I. Courts” and relates to the use of Artificial Intelligence in the legal system and specifically, the courtroom.

The use of “robot judges” would remove the subjectivity and prejudicial flaws of judges, lawyers and juries. In other words, replacement of people with robots would remove the humanity from the system. I am not saying that technology has no place in the law. Certain technologies are certainly making the legal process better. I cite the use of D.N.A. and video evidence which has been very effectively used in the criminal justice system.

However, aside from what has just been acknowledged, replacing people with robots and Artificial Intelligence will not and should not occur. From this practicing lawyer’s perspective, seeking justice is not a mathematical or purely logical process. Justice requires considerations of more than simply pure facts. Our humanity is a critical component of the justice process. Robots and artificial intelligence do not possess that capacity. Does this mean that our system is perfect? Certainly not. Does this mean that mistakes are not made? Certainly not. Improvements can and are being made, but the total replacement of the human component in the system is certainly not the answer.

Joseph Paletta

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