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“Top 10 D.U.I. Lawyers”

Have you been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or are you waiting to receive paperwork (a summons) in the mail charging you with a DUI?  Have you done an internet search for a DUI defense attorney using the keywords “Top 10 DUI Lawyers in Pittsburgh”?  You should know that using those keywords is NO guarantee that the lawyers listed are truly the “Top 10” in the Pittsburgh DUI defense field; they just market themselves that way.  Do not confuse a good advertiser with a good DUI defense lawyer.

I am Attorney Joseph Paletta, and I have been a trial lawyer in Pittsburgh doing DUI defense for over 25 years, assisting many good hard-working clients through the criminal justice system.  If you find yourself facing a DUI prosecution, please read the “reviews” and case summaries of the many DUI prosecutions that I have successfully defended.  Please permit me the opportunity to be “The Solution to your DUI Problem.”

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