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Covid 19 Safety

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information

To our existing clients and to our prospective new clients, Attorney Paletta continues to be dedicated to providing the most effective, aggressive, and supportive representation to those individuals charged with criminal offenses, even though a public health state of emergency exists throughout the Pittsburgh and surrounding counties due to the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Communication Options

Fully aware of protecting the health and safety of our clients, our attorneys and staff members, as well as the health and safety of all people who come in contact with us either directly or indirectly, if necessary we will be remotely conducting our representation and defense of our present and future clients during the existence of the Coronavirus pandemic. We will utilize FaceTime and Skype for necessary face-to-face consultations, and we will correspond through telephone calls, emails, text messaging, facsimile transmissions, and other techniques if we it is not required that we be in the actual physical presence of each other.

Working Towards a Successful Outcome for Your Case

Finally, because of the declared judicial emergency in Pennsylanvie and elsewhere that has resulted in the cancellation and rescheduling of mandated court appearances over the next several weeks – or more – we will use this period of time to work hard preparing our cases, conferring with our clients, reviewing discovery, writing motions and briefs, attempting to confer with the appropriate law enforcement officials and prosecutors, and doing other critical tasks so as to ensure that we are ahead of the curve when we return to the way things will be: as they were before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.