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Drugs and Narcotics Defense

Drugs and Narcotics Defense

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Drugs and Narcotics Defense

Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Drug and Narcotics Defense Attorney

Police will frequently pressure and entice people to make statements before speaking with a lawyer. Making any statement before consulting a lawyer will reduce your options at trial, eliminate defenses that you may not even know you have, and will likely get you convicted. The simple words “I’d like to talk to a lawyer before I make any statement.” is your best first choice.

If you or someone close to you has been charged in violating the Controlled Substance, Drug Device and Cosmetic Act or the Pharmacy Act, which both regulate drugs and narcotics in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, contact defense lawyer Joseph Paletta immediately.  Attorney Paletta will be able to identify defenses and suppression of evidence issues from over 25 years of handling the defense of these cases, and he can be reached at or (412) 391-7999 for a free consultation.

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