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Medical & Nursing License Defense

Medical & Nursing License Defense

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Medical & Nursing License Defense

Your Pittsburgh Medical & Nursing Licensing Attorney

This is Attorney Joseph Paletta and welcome to my Nursing/Medical License Defense home page. You did not reach this page of my website by accident – you were looking for immediate guidance for a current problem. For guidance, read the Rules below, and see if any of the following situations applies to you:

  • Are you being or have you been investigated and questioned about missing medications by your employer hospital or medical facility?
  • Were you asked to submit to a Fitness for Duty Test due to suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Are your withdrawals of medications from dispensing machines being audited by the pharmacy?
  • Do you have a substance abuse issue that may have been reported to your employer or the Nursing Board?
  • Have you been contacted by a Professional Conduct Investigator (“P.C.I.”) from the Bureau of Enforcement & Investigations and asked to meet to answer questions?
  • Have you been contacted by a Narcotics Agent from the PA Attorney General’s Office or any other law enforcement agency or hospital police/security?

Rule #1: Talk To Attorney Paletta Before You Talk To Your Employer, A P.C.I. Or Law Enforcement.

You have a right to seek the guidance and advice of a lawyer before you answer any questions. Telling any questioner or interrogator that you have “never been in this situation before” and before you answer any questions, you “need to take some time to think” is reasonable and appropriate. Because once you answer, you have limited or eliminated options you might have retained had you spoken to Attorney Paletta first

Rule #2: Never Admit To Wrongdoing – No Matter What.

Again, telling any questioner or interrogator that you have “never been in this situation before” and before you answer any questions, you “need to take some time to think” is true … and smart! Especially if you did do something wrong like taking (“diverted”) medications, admitting that fact to anyone is confessing to a Felony crime! So do not do it regardless of what they are telling you. Also, you are not lying by using that exact language, and you are keeping all your options open.

I have a proven track record as a Licensing Defense Attorney, and I will defend you.

If you or anybody you know has been charged and may have their License threatened near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please contact Attorney Joseph Paletta immediately. With over twenty-five years of experience, he will be able to properly represent you in the Court and before the Board of Nursing. Attorney Joseph Paletta can be reached at or (412) 391-7999 for a free consultation.

Common Types of Pennsylvania Nursing and Medical License Issues

Doctors and Nurses work tirelessly to obtain their licenses, then continue to work tirelessly in their respective profession. However, if a Doctor or Nurse is investigated by the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine or Board of Nursing Board for negligent charting or diversion, or is convicted of a crime such as DUI, the Medical or Nursing License can be suspended. Attorney Joseph Paletta is a skilled Nursing and Medical License Defense Attorney who is qualified to advise and counsel you through these investigations and prosecutions.

The following are the most common circumstances that will cause a Pennsylvania Medical and Nursing Board investigation which will encumber a license,


Any criminal prosecution, and certainly any conviction of a crime, can damage or even potentially end a Nursing or Medical career. For example, generally, for a conviction of a Misdemeanor criminal offense, a Nursing License suspension is discretionary; conviction of a Felony imposes a mandatory suspension. Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Boards of Nursing and Medicine interpret a “Probation Without Verdict” (PWV) sentence as a “conviction” which may trigger a license suspension, even though the PWV law states that successful completion of the Probation will cause a dismissal of the prosecution.


If a Nurse is charged with a crime, the Nursing Law requires notification to the Nursing Board within thirty (30) days of the filing of the criminal prosecution. This requirement covers any crime, even if that crime is unrelated to the practice of Nursing, such as Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI). The filing date can be determined by finding the “Filing Date” box on the first page of the Police Criminal Complaint. For Doctors, the notification requirement is slightly different. Doctors are required to report a criminal prosecution within thirty days of some type of disposition of the prosecution, such as the formal date of admission into the ARD program in a DUI prosecution. Failure to report is a separate and distinct allegation in a licensing board investigation and prosecution. Attorney Joseph Paletta can advise you of what your options are, and the possible consequences in these situations.


The State Board of Nursing will investigate and potentially prosecute any “impairment” which may affect the ability of a Licensee (nurse) to safely practice the profession of Nursing. Impairment has been interpreted as a drug or alcohol dependency, diversion of narcotics, issues of moral turpitude (lying on a renewal application), mental health issues, criminal prosecution, unprofessional conduct, patient abuse or neglect, fraud or deceit, etc. When any Board investigation threatens your ability to maintain good standing in the nursing profession, it is important to take steps to protect yourself. Learn more about how you can protect your license by contacting Attorney Joseph Paletta.

If you’ve been charged with a nursing and medical license offense, don’t hesitate to contact Paletta Law at (412) 391-7999 or by emailing to learn your options for a defense. Attorney Joseph Paletta understands that when you’re facing a criminal charge, your freedom, and your future are on the line, but with his help, you may be able to fight the charge and avoid the serious consequences of a conviction.

Are you facing medical license or nursing license investigations?

Do you need legal protection following substance abuse and board sanctions?

Then you must work with an experienced licensing defense lawyer because rights that must be protected!